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 About Us 

Inspired by “Lilly”, the Lillian Bay Foundation was built on the inspirational experience of one child diagnosed with a lymphangioma birth defect, her family’s unwavering mission to save her life, and the overwhelming response of a heartfelt community pulling together to make a miracle happen.

The Lillian Bay Foundation will focus on developing conditions that nurture holistic wellness for children. More specifically, we are invested in providing immediate medical assistance for children with high-risk vascular malformations, raising awareness around the importance of mental health, and elevating equitable education models of excellence nationally. The Foundation provides direct funding for children’s surgical procedures that insurance coverage does not provide.

Lillian Bay Foundation is a ground-breaking, non-profit organization, utilizing the power of Lillian Finance’s own cryptocurrency token ($Ly) to expedite funding to perform the foundation's work. By interconnecting our cause with cutting-edge, patent-pending blockchain technology, we believe the Lillian Bay Foundation will be an industry leader in funding solutions for children with dire medical needs.

Cystic Hygromas Explained

 Cystic Hygromas Explained 

Cystic Hygromas are the most common subtype of lymphangiomas, presenting at birth and in early infancy. Enlargement of cystic hygromas is common, and they pose an airway obstruction risk in infants. To avoid the high mortality associated with this condition, they must be promptly diagnosed and treated. Unfortunately, health insurance coverage is not adequate, and most families struggle to get the proper treatment necessary for their child.


The Lillian Bay Foundation fills that void.


 Our Partnerships 

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