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 Our Mission 


The Lillian Bay Foundation helps break down barriers to necessary medical care for children with high-risk vascular malformations. The parents of potential foundation candidates go through a thorough intake process, to ensure children at higher risk requiring timely surgery can be prioritized, and also will be based on financial need.

The intake process includes, a thorough review of the medical information  and finding the appropriate physician needed. The Lillian Bay Foundation makes all travel and hotel accommodations necessary to provide our families with ease, comfort, and support. Our process also includes following through after the procedure to ensure they have the proper care post-op, including proper follow-up.

Phase 1 - 2022

Phase 2 - 2023

Phase 3 - 2024

  • Foundation obtains 501(c)(3) status

  • Initial broad partnerships work initiated

  • Fundraising starts (traditional & cryptocurrency)

  • Surgical work resumes

  • Team building continues 

  • Board of directors membership complete

  • Mental health partnerships identified

  • Anchor medical institution partnerships identified

  • Fundraising/development team fully staffed

  • Education models of excellence work begins

  • Expansion of health interventions in children explored

  • five-year strategic plan developed

  • Benefit dinner TBD Florida

  • Two-three medical intervention procedures complete per month

  • Three anchor mental health partnerships established

  • Five anchor medical institution partnerships established in CA, FL & NY

  • Financially self-sustainable

  • Fully staffed

  • Education models of excellence work fully identified

  • First year of five-year strategic plan implemented to further inform this work 

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