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Vascular Birthmark Institute

Lillian Bay Foundation Partners with World Leading Experts at the Vascular Birthmark Institute.

About VBI

Vascular Birthmark Institute are a leading team of doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular lesions which includes hemangiomas, vascular malformations, and pyogenic granulomas.

The Institute treats patients from the Unites States and worldwide.  Their dedicated staff offers full concierge services to help with all logistics and is there to guide its  clients through every step of the treatment process.


To learn more about Vascular Malformations, please follow the below link.

VBI in the News

The Vascular Birthmark Institute has been regularly featured in the press since 2009, including CNN, Yahoo, and Fox News.


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Meet the Doctors at VBI

milton - Edited.png

Milton Waner - MD, FCS(SA)

Milton Waner, MD, M.B.,B.Ch.(Wits.), FCS(SA), is a pediatric facial plastic surgeon and is Director of the Vascular Birthmark Institute of New York.

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